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Pet for free

If I could pick a pet, any pet in the world and take it home for free I wouldn’t have to hesitate for a moment on what pet I would take home. I’d bring me home a white siberian tiger cub. Why you ask, because I have always wanted one. One of the main reasons I’ve wanted a white siberian tiger is because I could have him like a guard dog. I mean who’s going to break into my house knowing there is a tiger in there that could take out your throat? I’d also love to have a tiger because no one would mess with me. I could walk down the street without looking over my shoulder and worrying about someone sneaking up behind me. I would be able to go out more because I’d have my “body guard” with me too. A lot of my stress and anxiety would be gone should I be able to have a tiger. I would have to win the lottery though so I could be able to feed him though. Feeding a tiger costs quite a bit. So of course if I had a tiger and won the lottery I’d have a big house and a lot of property so he could run around and play. Another bonus of having a tiger for a pet and get him while he was a cub, I would train him to snuggle with me. My tiger would snuggle with me every night so I’d never run out of snuggles. I’d always have someone there for me. Being able to take home a white siberian tiger cub for free would be awesome. Tigers are expensive! Hopefully the licenses would come with the tiger too. I would be completely ecstatic to be able to take a tiger home for free. I’d be the happiest girl in the world!