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The Coolest Airport

The coolest airport I’ve been I would have to say would be the airport in Tokyo Japan. There were so many different cultures in just one place it was amazing. You could walk around the airport for quite a while and not get bored either. Or at least I didn’t get bored.

In Tokyos large airport you also have an option to go outside on the observation deck and watch the planes move in and out of the airport as well as the employees moving luggage around, refueling the jet, etc. I was able to take pictures while I was outside and I rather enjoyed it.

Working on an Air Force base first of all I was exposed to jets landing and taking off all the time so it was no bother to me. I loved it. Being able to see the jets land and come in so the passengers could get off the plane and board, it was pretty neat.

Narita International Airport was by far the coolest airport I’ve ever been in. I mean where else can you get a set of acrylic nails for 200$ and a Big Mac for roughly four dollars?