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Just smile. Everyone needs a smile. Everyone needs a laugh. Life is to stressful to take serious all the time.



Just look and you’ll see what I’m talking about as far as non stop laughs. I’m sorry, I was rolling when I first saw this. At one point in time I had the website and had this song looped for over an hour. Hey, it’s a catchy tune. Don’t judge me!


For those of you that play online games, you may have been subject to this before. Take humor in this and sit back and laugh.


Oh Smackdown, I’ve missed you so much. How could I have left you for so long? I try and catch you when I can but alas I still end up missing you. I’ve been unable to coordinate my time to see you and I apologize. I’ve missed you so much and I cannot believe I have deprived myself of you for so long.

I will make it a turn to see you every Friday night. I do not want to miss you anymore. It’s been way to long. You always bring a smile to my face. You have me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you’ve brought me. I scream with glee each time you bring me something exciting. Anticipation grips me as your lights flicker. Ecstasy lifts me to cloud nine as your show comes to an end.

How could one ever deny you? How could anyone be deprived of you? They cannot be. For those that are loyal to you, it is heart breaking and heart wrenching to be away from you for a single week. To sit in anticipation before seeing you again, it is pure agony. Torture is almost the word to use when having to go without you for a week. Though the wonderful world of the internet has helped me reconnect with you and catch up on what I have missed with you.

I cannot wait to see you again Friday. As always, I will be excited and eager to see what you’ve brought me this week. Until Friday, I shall miss you dearly.

Don’t judge me

Don’t judge me! I didn’t do anything to be judged! *giggles* Okay, so I finally let it out. I finally got in touch with what I’ve been denying for so long. It has taken me a long time to get over my “fear” of expressing myself. I went through the denial stage for quite a while.

I didn’t let out anything for fear of what people would think, what they would say, what they would do. I kept quiet about it but kept doing what I loved. I just didn’t talk about it. I was embarrassed at one point because I didn’t know what was to be expected when I talked about it. It was hard to let out. It was easier to let it go and let it all out. To come to terms with things was a lot easier than denying them and blushing like crazy when it was brought up.

So… hello world, welcome another nerd. I love playing WoW when I can. I have a level 35 Hunter. I enjoy running quests. I like learning new things in the game. I have fun when I can level with my friends. I have a ball when playing WoW. I play if I get upset and mad. It’s a way to release and not think of what is going on around me. It’s my escape.

I’m in love with Thor. I am constantly learning about him. I cannot wait for the movie to come out. I love Thor… I have a thing for tall guys. Thor… he’s 6′ 8″ tall. *drools* Mjolnir, his hammer, EPIC! I mean how awesome is it to have something that no one else can pick up and use that comes back to you every time you throw it? Yes I am aware that Captain America and Beta Ray Thor picked up Mjolnir as no one else has ever been able to do so.

Captain America is awesome! How often do you find someone frozen in ice that comes back and kicks ass again?! You can’t deny that Captain is awesome. Who throws a shield around that’s bullet proof that kicks ass? I can’t wait for his movie to come out this year as well. I mean come on. Badass!

So, I play WoW. I love Marvell characters. I can say and spell Mjolnir without thinking about it. I greatly enjoy reading Graphic Novels. I went crazy over the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon’s WoW account was hacked. I don’t understand everything but I have a great grasp of the lingo that WoW entails. I am a nerd. No more denying it. I’m proud to say I’m a nerd now. …now I have to get the t-shirt that says “Talk nerdy to me”

My character


Paddy has broken his leg and his buddy Mick comes over to see him.
Mick says, “How you doin?”
Paddy says “Okay, but do me a favor mate, run upstairs and get my slippers, my feet are freezing.”
Mick goes upstairs and sees Paddy’s gorgeous 19-year-old twin daughters laying on the bed. Seeing an opportunity, he says, “Your dad sent me up here to have sex with both of you.”
They say, “Get away with ya Mick…prove it.”
Mick shouts downstairs, “Paddy, both of ’em?”
Paddy shouts back, “Of course both of em Mick…, what’s the point of fuckin one?”