The Past and the Previous

Update:: I recently ran across pictures of my ex and my dog. I have to say that I am surprised. I forgot about all of those pictures. I didn’t think I’d ever see them again. It would be shocking to have those forgotten memories just come flooding back all at once. That is exactly what happened to me.

There are times when I sit back and think about Japan and how awesome it was when I was there. The memories that were created were some happy and some sad, but that happens no matter where you go. At times I do sit back and wonder what would have happened if I had made a different move at a certain spot in time. What would have happened between my ex and I? What would have happened if I had crushed that test? So many what if’s just start running.

I don’t dwell to much on them but I do every now and again kick up the dust and look at those memories that make me smile. Memories of work, where I drove, what I saw, who I spent time with seeing the country, my very first date…

Snuggling in bed with my ex, wow. *sigh* Just sitting here and remembering all the things we use to do makes me smile. I would say that was an awesome relationship. And it all started because I was going to buy his car…turns out he wasn’t selling it but he was investing into something else.

The drives through the mountains when I got to go with him were awesome. Going to the aquarium was amazing as well. Goofing off in the snow with the car I bought him. Making enough noise that his buddy in the dorm room next door couldn’t turn his stereo up loud enough. Buying him roses for no reason at all. Showering him with gifts randomly because I wanted to.

There aren’t any hard feelings or bad thoughts I have about him. Yes I wish things were different but they aren’t. I’m not depressed looking at the pictures or remembering the stuff we did. It actually makes me smile. Yes there were bad times like any other relationship, but we learn and move on from them.


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