Wedding crazy

What goes into planning a wedding? It isn’t just a simple task. No it’s packed with all sorts of things. Try and make it simple. Just have a ceremony with two people and just go out to dinner afterwards. That’s what my sister did years ago when she got married. I like that kind of simple.

Weddings. What do they involve?
Guest list; how many people are you going to have there?
Dress; what kind of dress are you looking for and how much is that baby going to cost?
Flowers; what kind of flowers are you going to have. Where are they going to be placed?
Colors; are you going to have a set color or colors for the wedding?
Theme; what kind of theme are you going with?
Grooms outfit; what is the groom going to wear?
Place; where is the wedding going to be? Where is the reception going to be held?
Cake; what kind of cake are you going to have?
Food; what types of foods are you going to serve at the reception?
Wedding party; who is going to be the brides maids, maid of honor, flower girl, ring bearer, best man?
Seating; where is everyone going to sit during the ceremony as well as the reception?
Rings; what rings are you going to get for each other?
Invitations; are you sending out invitations? What are they going to look like?
Center pieces; what are you having on the table for your guests to look at?
Shoes; what shoes are you going to wear?
Jewelry; are you going to have earrings, a necklace, bracelet, rings?
Nails; are you going to go get your nails done?
Make up/hair; who are you going to have do your hair and make up for your big day?

Of course I know I’m missing a few things but you get the gist. You have to make a list then run around like a mad woman trying to get everything done. You start doing things ahead of time thinking it’s all going to get together on time but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I think if I tried to plan a wedding I’d be stressed beyond belief and I stress out easily. Watching someone go through these steps of putting a wedding together is scaring me right out of it.


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