What would you do if someone insulted you? Would you insult back? Would you walk away? Would you stay silent? If you said something, what would you say? Should you treat them equally and insult them back? Worse maybe? Or just ignore them? What would you do if they took it a step farther? What would you do if someone insulted your child? Would you put up with it? Would you say something back? More importantly, would you be able to control yourself? Would you hold your tongue for the sake of your child? Would you go off on them and make them feel like the worthless POS they are for insulting an innocent child?

In no way shape or form should anyone have to deal with their child being insulted. I’m sorry but who gives you the right to talk trash about a child? Some children develop slower than others. Some develop faster than others. You can’t sit there and insult a child because you don’t know their story. You don’t know why they are that way. Would you appreciate it if someone was to insult you because of the way you spoke? Would you want someone insulting you for what you were wearing? What if you had something in your teeth or on your face? Would you want someone to insult you behind your back or to your face? What if someone insulted you because of the way you looked. It would be okay right? It is in no way right. Why would anyone think it was tolerable to insult a child? Would you like it if your child or grandchild that you cherished beyond belief was called retarded or stupid? Would you like it if they were insulted? How would you feel? It shows a whole lot of class to insult a child or talk crap about them.

I don’t find it at all funny nor tolerable to insult a child. Don’t worry because what goes around comes around. I don’t wish ill on you, I pray for you. I pray when you’re driving home the brakes go out. I pray you choke on a grape while you’re stuffing your face. I pray that when you shop you find nothing that fits you. How do you go about insulting someone that cannot defend themselves? Does it make you feel better knowing you insulted a child? Do you get off on insulting those that are helpless? Do you get off by being rude to those you don’t know? I guess you do because that’s exactly what you’ve done. No need for me to worry, I won’t be setting foot in that town again. I can replace friends, material objects, food, clothing, etc. I cannot replace my daughter. And I won’t ever do that. She’s more important to me than anyone else.


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