So, it’s time to go to bed? It’s time to close my eyes. It’s time to dream those sweet dreams. It’s time to rest. It’s time to relax.

What if there are nightmares? What if I can’t go to sleep? What happens if I keep waking up? What do I do if I miss my alarm?

If I toss and turn all night, do I take a nap tomorrow? Restless mind racing. Heart pounding. Eyes constantly looking. Legs restless. Can’t get comfortable.

Is this going to be a restless night? Is this going to be a peaceful night? One only knows when they finally get to bed. Sleep hopefully will consume me and let me rest. Hopefully my mind relaxes and stops racing.

Wish this was my bed….


About Cunique

Sometimes it's letting thoughts out. Other times it's writing to let the mind wander. I enjoy it and do it as often as I can and post what I come up with. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, Mr. Daniel's, watching movies and goofy TV shows. Listen to all sorts of music. Of course I enjoy scrolling through my Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Who doesn't? View all posts by Cunique

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