Oh this is a chilly morning. Not sure where this chilly weather came from but it certainly made me not want to pry myself from my warm blanket this morning. We were having a warm weather there for a while and out of no where we got this cold chill. From sunny warm days to chilly nights curled up with a blanket.

One day we have the air conditioning on and playing in the pool. Spraying everyone with the hose. The dog chasing the spray of water. Kids riding their bikes around the yard and driveway. Laughs and screams as the kid chase each other around the yard playing dodgeball. Playing basketball in the driveway. Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Summer is peeking around the corner and it’s teasing us all. I mean it warms up and then gets chilly. Mother nature is reminding us that she is indeed unpredictable. She’ll warm you up just to cool you off. It’s alright though. As soon as she’s ready, she’ll be warming you up and letting you bath in the warm sun. Just try not to burn.

Keep those pools warming. The chalk stocked up. Bikes tuned and ready to go. Leashes at the ready. Popsicles in the freezer. Ice cream stocked up. Sandals by the door. Bathing suits and bikinis where you can see them. Be prepared because school is soon to be out which means warmer weather is on the rise.


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