Oh my Thor, why do I have to wait to see you? How I wish you were here as of now. I cannot wait to see you Thor. I miss Mjolnir. I’m getting antsy with anticipation awaiting for your release in theaters. I’m waiting to be able to see you on 500 feet of screen… surround sound… epic effects no doubt.

To see you on an IMAX screen would be so awesome. I cannot wait to see what you’ve got in store for your fans. Oh to see what awaits in less than 24 hours is pure torture I swear. If I didn’t have to work at 3am I would be in line to see you at your first showing just after midnight. But no doubt Thor, I shall come to see you. I will make it a mission to visit you as well as Mjolnir.

I cannot wait to see you Thor. I cannot wait to see you as well Mjolnir. Loki, by Odin’s right you will suffer the wrath of Thor jest you smite him where he stands. *giggles* Oh this movie is going to be freaking awesome. I mean come on, Thor vs the Destroyer??? You know that’s gonna be bad ass.

Thor and Mjolnir


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