Another issue…

When we think it’s over, it isn’t even close. Once things settled it seemed, dust was kicked up once again. Why is it that when things seemed over they weren’t? I don’t get it. I really don’t. Understanding something is almost impossible when you’ve gone around and around in circles.

I can’t figure out what to say. If I make one sort of comment everything gets messed up. I can’t say anything for fear of making someone uncomfortable or ask multiple questions. I cannot say anything but yet someone that knows the situation can leave me uncomfortable. I ask questions but they never seem to be answered. If anything, there are more questions that come up.

I just don’t get it at times. Everything seems fine one minute after discussions and then it isn’t long after that things look like they’ve took a slide for the worst. Today started out bright and shiny like a penny found in the sand as you walk along the beach. Then it ended up tarnished and puzzling.

Today I had one of those weird moments where a wrench was thrown into my day. Now I just have to work through it and get things figured out. Now, if I could only figure that one out it would be a whole lot better.


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Sometimes it's letting thoughts out. Other times it's writing to let the mind wander. I enjoy it and do it as often as I can and post what I come up with. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, Mr. Daniel's, watching movies and goofy TV shows. Listen to all sorts of music. Of course I enjoy scrolling through my Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Who doesn't? View all posts by Cunique

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