Sick. Not a feeling we all like but we have to work through it. As a Mom, we aren’t allowed to be sick. We aren’t allowed to show weakness and let a cold or upset stomach get the better of us. We are suppose to be the strong ones and are suppose to be there to take care of the others when they aren’t feeling well.

Acid reflux hasn’t been my friend at all this week nor last. I’ve changed a few aspects of my diet in hopes that it would help out but nope. It hasn’t helped at all. For some odd reason I still got acid reflux kicking my butt and it isn’t nice at all. I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach all week and surprisingly enough haven’t let it get the better of me more than a few times.

The stress of what is going on and has been going on is starting to wear me out physically and it is a toll that I can’t take to much longer. Thoughts of disbelief and deception just keep rolling around and it makes me sick. The stress of what I have had to endure and continue to go through has me to the point of tears.

Today there was more news on the events that have been going on and I almost broke down and cried. It makes me sick to my stomach to think someone could put another so close to them through something similar to their own events. It makes me sick that someone could hurt someone and not understand why it hurts. For someone to put another through the heart ache, turmoil and tell them the lies and deceive them as they do it is no longer is sick, it’s just appalling.


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Sometimes it's letting thoughts out. Other times it's writing to let the mind wander. I enjoy it and do it as often as I can and post what I come up with. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, Mr. Daniel's, watching movies and goofy TV shows. Listen to all sorts of music. Of course I enjoy scrolling through my Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Who doesn't? View all posts by Cunique

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