For those of you that know me well, I was in the Air Force for a bit. I loved being in the military. I had a great time in Tech school learning my job. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and I would smile every time my mom had told me that someone said to thank me for joining the military. It made me feel good and still does when someone thanks me for serving my country. There are times when I don’t feel like I did though because I didn’t go to the desert. I wish I had though.
I was scared to go to Japan when I got my orders. I wasn’t sure what was to come of it or who I would meet. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it nor adapt to everything. After a while I did just fine in Japan. The guys I worked with were the best co-workers I’ve ever had. I will always cherish my time in Japan. I had fun at work. We all made a difference…small or big…staying in Japan or going to the sandbox…we all did something.
I am proud of the guys I worked with and love talking to them when I get a chance. We catch up on what’s going on and talk about stuff we did. I give my thanks to them for still being in the service because its always nice to hear someone say thank you.
I was just lied to by someone close to me being in the service. He said that he served in the military. From the day he walked through the door and opened his mouth he lied to me. I don’t take lying to very lightly. Especially when you walk through the door and know things about me that I have NEVER told a soul…why the hell would you lie about something like that?
Why would you say that you know everything about someone and not have it be a bit creepy?! How could you sit there and make up all these stories about someone and make everyone believe them? Why would you sit there and make up lie after lie about your life? What could you be hiding that you don’t want anyone to know? You come out of the wood work after so many years with all these stories…what really happened?
How can you appear out of no where and start lying your ass off about something like the military? I feel as if you lie about being in the military and say that you were doing all these bombings, were going to all these different countries that we DON’T go to, and an ass load of other issues…quite frankly I think you should be put in a line up with five snipers looking at you through a scope.
How dare you try and take credit for something you had NOTHING to do with. How dare you even try and take credit for serving in our military when you were NEVER enlisted. How dare you lie to your family and friends about where you were and what you were doing. How dare you lie to me and my daughter. How dare you use me. How dare you abuse my trust. How dare you hurt me.
When I opened my door to you I was trusting you. I can no longer stand to see your lying face. I can’t stand to speak your name. I can’t stand to hear your name. Don’t you ever set foot near me and my daughter ever again. I don’t care what excuse you have to see us I don’t want you near me. I hate, despise, loath you with every bone in my body for what you did to me.
Other than hurting me and pissing me off beyond the point where I would tear your damn head off if I ever saw you again, you owe a lot of people an apology. You owe everyone an explanation. Your lies caught up with your ass and I would so love to throw them out there for everyone to see and hear.
Most of all, I hate you for even saying that you were in the military and making me believe your lies for so long. Holes started forming in your stories and I tore them wide open. I know the truth, now all you need to do is explain to everyone else why the hell you lied.
I may not have went to the sandbox and went to war for my country but I am very prideful and I am so proud that I got to serve the time I did for my country. I take honor in wearing my uniform for special occasions. You say you were in the military, well where are your papers? Where are your uniforms? Where are your tags? I can tell you where mine are.
My brother has my tags because that is something that I gave him and he treasures. My uniforms are at the house right now hanging in my closet. My separation papers are filed with Randolph AFB. I take pride in serving in the USAF and I always will. If you lie about being a Veteran even and you aren’t one….you should be slapped by every Veteran who’s served and sacrificed himself/herself for your freedom.
For those that think that they can sit there and call themselves Veterans and say that they were in the military, I wish that you could actually see what goes on overseas. It isn’t something to brag about unless you were there and even then you don’t talk about it.
For all those REAL Veterans’ out there that have been injured in this time of war or past wars, I deeply thank you for your service and sacrifice. For those that have lost loved once in the service, I thank you as well and know that the ones you lost are loved and deeply missed.
For those of you that want to spread lies about being in the service, try saying that to a Veteran that has been where you say you’ve been. I guarantee you that you won’t lie about it again. The only regret I have about the military is that I wish I could have stayed longer.


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